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Coding Time

Coding Time

You can buy coding time to use against ShopWired theme changes, where we can’t provide you with a fixed quote, below. 

You can also buy coding time to use against fixed price theme changes, and use that coding time to redeem against your order.

Small discounts are available if you buy coding time in bulk.

The quotes below also include any admin time involved.

How to use your coding time

You can redeem your coding time against fixed price coding tasks, by adding those tasks to your basket and clicking to use your coding time at checkout.

If you have requested bespoke work from us and we have indicated we cannot give a fixed price for you, after you have purchased your coding time it will then be credited to your account. As we work on your project we’ll make deductions from the coding time. You can see a statement of purchases you have made and deductions made by us at any time on your coding time statement.