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Non Standard Functionality

You have been directed to this notice because your support agent has determined that the functionality you have requested to be added to your theme fits in with our definition of 'non standard functionality'. 

This means that in order to achieve your request, we'll have to use functionality on ShopWired that has been built with a different purpose. 

If any problems have been anticipated they may have already been communicated to you by your support agent, however you should be aware that there might be problems associated with the functionality you have requested that we have not been able to anticipate. You should also be aware that if ShopWired make a change (in the future) to the functionality that's been used to accommodate your request, that this might not work well with how you are using the functionality and something might break. 

Whilst we will test the work we complete in as many scenarios as possible, there is an increased risk that it might not work 100% of the time. You are advised to carry out extensive testing yourself before setting the functionality live. 

The likelihood of a problem is low, however its important that you keep in mind the limitations and problems that can be experienced in using functionality outside of its intended purpose.